The only shadepocket mounting solution on the market for Lutron shadepockets.

  • Bracket

    The thick sturdy steel bracket comes with two pre threaded 3/8 holes to secure the pocket to the bracket. The standard pocket to framing overlap is 3/4 to allow for 5/8s of drywall plus mudding but can be easily adjusted for various scenarios without involving the framer.

  • Backing Block

    The wood block with its two pre drilled holes serve as a template when drilling the pocket mounting holes. It adds mounting support for the shade and by thinning the block or adding washers between the bracket and the block makes it possible to adjust pocket protrusion at anytime.

Two Mounting Methods

The pockets can either be mounted with both ears or by cutting of one ear and mounting the pocket from the side instead for the instances where the pocket needs to be mounted against a sliding glass door.